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Incidents of dog attacks are increasing continuously, do this work first in case of dog bites

Remedies to Prevent Rabies: Most people like to have a dog. Some people are so attached to dogs that they treat them like members of their household. However, if these dogs bite someone, then there is a risk of getting dangerous infection like rabies. Often you must have heard that if a dog bites, then 14 injections will be taken in the stomach. Although 14 injections are not given, but still one should be careful with dogs. While some people are fond of keeping dogs, there are some people who are very afraid of dogs. By the way, seeing the big and sharp teeth of dogs, it is also natural to be scared. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods, by which you can use it as a first aid and prevent the infection from growing.

Actually, the way the news of dangerous attacks of pet dogs is coming for the last few days, it has created a fear among the people about dogs. According to a media report, in view of these incidents, the ‘Delhi Municipal Corporation’ has made the registration of pet dogs mandatory.

wash the bite area

There is a risk of getting rabies if a dog bites. In such a situation, some precaution should be taken as a first aid before going to the doctor. For this, if a person is bitten by a dog, then immediately wash the place with water and mild soap, where the dog has bitten. Washing the bite area for at least ten minutes can prevent the virus from spreading.

apply antiseptic

To prevent the spread of rabies virus, wash and dry the dog bite area thoroughly with water, then apply a good antiseptic cream to the bite area. This will not spread the virus. If there is no antiseptic cream, then you can also apply alcohol or iodine i.e. salt.

get vaccinated

The first treatment is done to stop the virus from spreading, but after that it is not too late to get the vaccine. After dog bite and first aid, go to the doctor and get anti rabies injection immediately. This will not put you at risk of spreading rabies.

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