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Inspiring weight loss story: This 92 Kg boy reduced his weight by 27 kg without supplement, told himself the complete diet plan

Obesity is not a disease but a result of poor lifestyle. Increased weight not only hurts self-confidence, but also causes many diseases in the body. Something similar was happening with Chetan Agarwal, 24, who lives in Rohtak. Chetan, a hot-tempered and fond of food and drink, got a major setback when he got a dangerous disease due to weight gain. Due to poor lifestyle, Chetan’s weight had reached 92 kg. After which he decided to lose weight and completely changed his life. Chetan chose the path of hard work and never looked back. Chetan reduced the weight of 27 kg in just 8 months. Let’s know about his weight loss journey… Name – Chetan Agarwal Profession – Student Age – 24 City – Rohtak Highest Recorded Weight – 92.5 kg How Much Weight Lost – 27.5 kg Weight Loss Time – 8 Months ( Photo Credit: NBT) 1. How did the turning point come

Giving information, Chetan said that he was overweight from the beginning. Then one day it came that he realized that his body was no longer supporting him. In 2020, he complained of inflammation in the small intestine, which he got treated with Ayurvedic treatment. Since then, Chetan has made his fitness his goal and has never looked back.

2. How was the diet – Breakfast – Oat meal with peanut butter and a fruit Lunch – 1 cup of lentils and boiled vegetables Dinner – 100 gm paneer/tofu with boiled vegetables Pre-workout meal – Black coffeePost workout meal – 2 Bread and Peanut Butter Low Calorie Recipe – Oat Meal

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3. workout and fitness secrets

Proper nutrition and the right kind of workout was Chetan’s fitness secret. He believes that without these two, he cannot achieve anything. You can achieve complete fitness with 90% nutrition and 10% workout.

4. What were the problems faced by being overweight?

Due to being overweight, Chetan had not only become lethargic and lazy, but he was also surrounded by many types of diseases.

5. How did you keep yourself motivated?

Chetan says that- I used to motivate myself from inside and say every moment that do not give up. I used to watch fitness videos on YouTube whenever I was depressed. I take inspiration from those who have lost their weight just like me.

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6. What changes did you make in your lifestyle?

During my weight loss journey, I replaced unhealthy food with healthy food, took the stairs instead of the elevator, replaced the junk food with green salad, and started doing my work on my own instead of getting others to do it.

7. What did you learn from your own weightloss?

During the weight loss journey, I felt that today’s youth blindly follow whatever is told. Everyone runs after weight loss, but he does not think that it will have a bad effect on the body later. I would advise him to focus on fat loss. If fat loss is from full body then weight loss will happen automatically. Patience is needed in all these things.

Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

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