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Is it right or wrong to eat peanuts when uric acid increases? Learn

Pea Nuts In Uric acid- Having more or less uric acid level in the body can cause many physical conditions. This is possible only when there is more uric acid or less uric acid in the urine. First of all, it is important for you to know that how uric acid is formed? In fact, a chemical substance called purine occurs naturally in the body and in some food. According to Medical News Today, when this purine is broken down, uric acid is formed. Which comes out of the body as waste, which is filtered by the kidneys. When it starts building up in the joints and tissues of the body, it causes many health problems. However, it is normal to have a little uric acid in the blood. In short, the consumption of high purine-rich foods can be the cause of uric acid.

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One reason for the increase in peanut and purineuric acid is high purine diet. Therefore, those foods should be consumed in which the amount of purine is less. Now let’s talk about whether it is right or wrong to eat peanuts when uric acid increases or decreases, according to Livestrong.com, the amount of purine in peanuts is less than 50 grams per serving. Therefore, peanuts can be eaten in the event of an increase in uric acid. It is believed that if nuts like peanuts are added to the diet, then it does not increase the level of uric acid. The danger remains. Weight gain can also lead to many lifestyle related diseases like diabetes and high BP etc. Therefore, eat peanuts daily as a snack only in small quantities.

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Some important things, do not add other nuts with it or if you are including any nuts in the diet, then do not consume peanuts together. Other things like seafood and organ meats are high in purines, so uric acid patients should avoid consuming these things as well.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 25, 2022, 14:53 IST


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