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It is dangerous to hear sounds like tingling-bells in the ears while sleeping, the reason given by the doctor

If you also hear that sound which is not really there. So you are suffering from tinnitus, a medical condition related to the ear. The person suffering from this, while staying in the ear, hears sounds like whistle, bell, loud sound of heartbeat and tingling. This condition can become more severe during sleep at night. However, there is also a reason for this that there is peace all around at night, due to which intense tinnitus is experienced. According to Webmd, more than 740 million adults worldwide have at least one symptom of tinnitus. And about 120 million are seriously affected.

In such a situation, to know in detail about this problem, we spoke to Dr. Girija Gate, Head of Department and Professor of ENT Department of Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Pune. She explains that tinnitus is not a disease in itself but a symptom of diseases related to ear or brain. cause of tinnitus

Tinnitus is usually caused by a hearing loss. It is the result of damage to the delicate muscles of the ear from excessive loud noises, such as the sound of firecrackers or loud bangs, or from listening to music at levels higher than 90-100 decibels. Along with this, sometimes tinnitus can also arise due to infection of bacteria or virus in the external ear or middle ear. Swelling in some parts of the eardrum is also a cause of tinnitus. Apart from this, tinnitus can also be heard due to a knot in the brain or in the ear.

How serious is tinnitus?

Doctors say that if tinnitus is due to an immediate cause, such as noise pollution or exposure to loud noises, it is not serious. It may heal in a few hours or days. However, acute tinnitus (above 20-30 decibels) or chronic tinnitus is a symptom of an internal ear disease. Sometimes tinnitus can also be a symptom of disease of the brain or heart and blood vessels.

What are the side effects of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus has no side effects. But acute tinnitus can cause irritability and discomfort in everyday life. It can also affect a person’s concentration and mental health.

What are the home remedies for Tinnitus?

Doctors say that there is no permanent cure for tinnitus, especially if it is due to ear disease. But some things can be done to avoid tinnitus, such as avoiding loud noises, not listening to loud music/songs, minimizing use of ear phones, cotton in the ears while going to a noise polluted place, like this With this we can protect the inner parts of the ears, nerves and sensitive muscles.

When is a medical examination necessary?

If tinnitus has been unexplained for several weeks or months and is increasing in intensity. Also, hearing is affecting the ability, if water is coming from the ear, then its medical examination becomes necessary. A detailed examination of the ears, sometimes a CT scan or MRI may be needed to test the hearing. It is very important to get examined by a specialist in such conditions and get the real disease treated.



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