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Know how much heat the human body can tolerate?

Highest Temperature A Human Can Survive: From April to July, the heat disturbs people fiercely. Even though it is the rainy season, the heat is sweating. Due to the increase in humidity in the rain, sweat comes out faster. In such a situation, there is a shortage of water in the body. In summer you should drink plenty of water. Due to which the temperature inside the body remains correct. However, this question also comes to mind that how much temperature can the human body withstand. Many scientists and doctors are of the opinion on this that the human body can withstand temperatures up to 37.5 ° C. Let’s know how?

What temperature can the body withstand?

Whether it is summer or winter, the system inside our body works to maintain the body temperature of 37.5 ° C. At the same time, the part of the back of the brain called the hypothalamus regulates the temperature inside the body. Sweating, breathing through the mouth, going to an open and ventilated place when it is hot, all these are the systems inside the body that control the temperature. When the temperature rises, the blood vessels also start widening, so that the blood can easily reach every part of the body. The human body is made to work in 37.5 °C. In such a situation, the body does not have many problems due to the temperature going up and down 2-4 degrees.

How much heat the body can tolerate depends on many other things in addition to the outside temperature, such as 1- How long have you been exposed to that temperature. 2- How much humidity is there in the weather. 3- Sweat or water from the body How are you getting out. 4- What is your physical activity. 5- How are you dressed. These things also help the body to balance the increased temperature. When there is humidity, a lot of sweat comes out of the body. In this case, you should drink plenty of water. Due to excessive sweating, water loss starts. If the body is exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time, then it leads to a condition like fever or herpes thermia. If the outside temperature gradually increases, then the body adjusts to it, but suddenly the temperature rises, causing problems.

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