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‘Like the weather, you too will not change’, it is not just a song, it is a reality! Know the connection of weather and mood


According to the season, people start feeling good and bad. Clear sky and sunshine are helpful in improving our mood.

Weather and Mood Connection: You must have also heard the song ‘Mausam like Tum Bhi Badal To Na Jaoge’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Beast’. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics of this song. Some of these things can prove to be true in real life as well. Yes, people’s behavior can change according to the season. You must be shocked to hear but this is absolutely true. With the change in the weather, there is a change in the mood and energy of the people. This has been revealed in many studies so far. Not only this, there is a deep connection between weather and mental health. Some things should be known about this.

What is the connection of weather and mood? According to the report of Healthline, there is a deep connection between weather and mood. A research was done in the year 2011, in which four categories of people were defined on the basis of weather and mood. The first category included those who like summer. The mood of such people gets improved in hot and sunny weather. The people in the second category do not like the heat. Persons belonging to the third category do not feel better in the rain. The mood of the people of the fourth category remains the same in every season. Overall, it can be said that the weather affects people in different ways. Some people like summer and some people like it in winter. According to the season, people start feeling good and bad.

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What does the recent study say? According to the recent study, the weather affects our mental health in many ways. When the temperature drops below 10°C or exceeds 21°C, people feel negative and their confidence level drops. Humidity and fog also cause mood swings. Apart from this, when the temperature is more than 10 °C and between 21 °C, then people feel happy. Their confidence level becomes high. Clear skies and sunshine improve our mood. Temperature has the biggest effect on mood.

There is also an effect on the energy and stress level, in the winter season, your energy gets low and due to lack of light, people feel like resting. Whereas in the summer season your energy increases and you become very active. However, due to high temperature, exhaustion comes and you start looking for ways to escape from the heat. Apart from this, due to extreme temperature, your stress level increases and you become aggressive. Sometimes aggression also becomes the cause of violence. The stress level drops slightly in winter. Some people have problems like anxiety and depression during the rainy season.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 24, 2022, 07:11 IST




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