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Lose weight by swimming, know how many calories are burned by swimming for 1 hour

Swimming To Lose Weight: Even after sweating for hours in the gym and doing cardio exercises, if the weight is not reducing, then you must try swimming. Swimming is such an exercise that exercises your whole body. Swimming burns calories faster. This not only reduces your weight but also brings flexibility in the body. Swimming provides relief from heat and also reduces stress. If you find cardio exercise boring, then you can go swimming. Swimming exercises all the muscles. According to a research by Swim England, 30 minutes of swimming has the same effect as 45 minutes of normal cardio.

How many calories are burned by swimming? If you swim for 1 hour, then your body burns 400 calories. Swimming is a great cardio exercise, which strengthens the heart muscles and improves blood flow in the body.

benefits of swimming

Swimming makes the lungs healthy. This improves the stamina of the lungs. Swimming strengthens bones. This improves bone mineral density. Swimming helps in making you fit in every way. It improves your muscles, blood pressure, cholesterol and nervous system. This slows down your aging. By swimming daily, your body works well and gets a good night’s sleep. People who swim daily are less prone to diseases like stroke and diabetes.

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