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Lumpy virus havoc in the country, lakhs of cows died, if you are drinking cow milk then keep these 5 things in mind

These days you must be seeing many pictures of many cows on social media. In which there are many blisters raised on the body of cows. The reason for this is the lumpy virus. So far this virus only infects cows, buffaloes and deer. Long virus is a skin disease. Due to which many thousands of millions of cows are also being killed. This virus is spreading so fast that it has become a headache for humans as well. Humans consume milk and other dairy products from cows and buffaloes almost every day. In such a situation, it is reasonable to ask the question whether it is safe to eat milk or other produced material of an animal infected with lumpy virus or not? At the same time, many such viruses have come before that, which spread to humans due to animals. Such diseases are called zoonotic diseases. So, is the lumpy virus also one such disease that can later spread to humans? Let us know. What is lumpy disease?

Lumpy disease is actually a type of viral infection. It can be considered a virus spreading in cows, because no other animals or humans have been found infected with this virus so far. It is believed that this disease is spreading through fly, mosquito or any such insect which drinks the blood of cows.

Symptoms of lumpy disease

In cows infected with this virus, symptoms like fever, persistently growing lumps or blisters on the skin are seen. This condition becomes so serious that even the cows suffering from it die. The European Food Safety Authority has also confirmed these symptoms of chronic disease.

Can Lumpy virus spread to humans?

Lumpy virus is not a new infection, this disease is a few years old. In the past, cows have had this infection in many African countries. Its spread was also seen in some parts of Europe and Asia around the year 2012. However, its impact is being seen more in Asia from the year 2019. But till now there has been no case of getting this disease in humans. The World Animal Health Organization has also confirmed that the disease is not zoonotic. Which clearly means that this disease cannot be transmitted from cows to humans.

How safe are dairy products?

So far, no case of transmission of lumpi virus to humans has been found through cows. Nor has there been any case so far from which it can be said that the use of dairy products is risky. Even the World Animal Health Organization has not yet issued any such guidelines under which the use of dairy products should be stopped or considered unsafe.

These precautions are necessary

Dairy products are not currently considered harmful. However, there is no harm in taking some precautionary measures. As long as the cows are under threat of this virus, do not consume raw milk, drink only after boiling the milk. Along with this, use other milk products only after cooking. In such a situation, before eating foods like cheese, ghee, heat or cook them well.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.



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