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Mattress can increase the problem of numbness, know why the mattress should be changed


Mattress should be changed after every year. To keep the mattress safe, it is necessary to cover them. The quality of sleep can be better than a good mattress.

Why The Mattress Should Be Changed- It is very important to have a comfortable mattress for good and deep sleep. Mattress not only helps in improving the quality of sleep but also prevents many health issues. A comfortable mattress can play a helpful role in reducing neck pain, muscle spasms and back pain. On the other hand, due to old and bad mattress, the problem of numbness in the body can increase. Due to the deterioration of the mattress, there is more pressure on the muscles while sleeping, due to which the problem of numbness can occur. Most people get treatment for numbness when they occur, but do not consider it necessary to know the reason behind it. Sometimes old and loose mattresses also become the cause of mental illness. Therefore it is necessary to change it on time. Let us know after how much time and why the mattress should be changed.

How much time should be changed According to the Mattressbetter Sleep Council, a mattress usually needs to be replaced after 7 years. According to Medical News Today, the durability of the mattress depends on its quality and usage. Normally a mattress should be changed after seven years. The coils of hybrid and innerspring mattresses can loosen over time and provide less support. Apart from this, dust particles get accumulated in the old mattress which can cause respiratory problems.

Why should you change Mattressmattresses can affect sleep quality and spinal position. Many research shows that about 7 percent of sleep problems are due to uncomfortable mattresses. An old and uncomfortable mattress can cause pain. Waking up with pain from a bad mattress can lead to numbness, skin and respiratory allergies. Sometimes old and damp mattresses contain bedbugs which can promote skin problems.

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Keep these tips in mind while taking new mattress Many times by taking a good company mattress, the old mattress can be replaced with them. Before buying a new mattress, check its warranty so that the mattress does not have to be replaced too quickly. Apart from this, find out whether the mattress can protect against bedbugs and mites. To protect the mattress and protect it from dust and dirt, cover with a thin cloth. While taking the mattress, pay attention to whether it is comfortable or not.

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Mattress itself indicates – Sagging and dips – Lumps and bumps – Uncomfortable in sleeping – Smell or dirt – Bugs in mattress – Mattress breakage.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 21, 2022, 14:10 IST



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