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Migraine pain can be reduced by bridge pose, other yoga poses can also give relief


Migraine pain can be reduced by yoga. Other physical problems along with migraine can be reduced by practicing yoga regularly. Bridge pose relieves pain to a great extent.

Yoga Poses Can Relief Migraine Pain – Problems like persistent headache, vomiting and restlessness can be symptoms of migraine. Migraine is a condition in which pain occurs in half or all of the head. Headaches are mostly caused by fatigue, depression and stress. Normal headaches can be cured with pain killers, balms or adequate sleep, but migraine pain is related to nerves which are not easily controlled. Yoga practice proves to be more beneficial in reducing the pain of migraine. Out of which Bridge Pose works well to relax the nerves of the head. Apart from bridge pose, child pose and pranayama are also helpful in migraine. There are many poses that can provide relief in migraine pain, know about them.

Downward Facing Dog Pose can prove to be very helpful in reducing the pain of Downward Facing Dog migraine. According to Healthline, Downward Facing Dog Pose is a bit difficult, but doing it can provide a lot of relief in pain. This pose makes the body flexible and relaxes the nerves of the head.

Child Pose People who have headache or migraine problem, they must do child pose. It is very easy to do child pose, it can be done by people of all ages. Child’s pose can be beneficial in relaxing the nervous system and reducing headaches. It should be practiced 4 to 5 times regularly.

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Shavasana As the name of this pose suggests, in this pose the person has to lie down like a dead body and relax. This pose is a relaxation pose, which reduces fatigue of the body and mind. This is considered the best way to relax the nerves. It can be helpful in reducing the pain of migraine.

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Bridge Pose Bridge Pose is also known as Setubandhasana. This pose is beneficial in reducing the pain of headache and migraine. Bridge pose helps in reducing stress and anxiety and calms the nerves of the mind.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 18, 2022, 21:17 IST



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