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Mild headache can also be a sign of brain tumor, do not ignore these signs

Brain Tumor Symptoms: In the rapidly changing lifestyle, there will be few people who do not complain of Headache. This could be because of their busy schedule. This is the reason that when a headache occurs, people take it lightly and try to cure it by taking pain killers. Doing so can also get you in trouble. Because sometimes even a slight pain in the head can be a symptom of brain tumor.

Therefore, avoid ignoring such changes happening in the body and immediately consult a doctor. Know here the symptoms of brain tumor and when you should understand that now there is a need to go to the doctor…

What is brain tumor?

The growth of cells in the brain in an uncontrolled and abnormal way is called brain tumor. It is of two types. First primary and second secondary. In primary tumors, brain cells grow abnormally. In secondary tumors, abnormal cells from other parts of the body also spread to the brain. According to the primary, secondary brain tumor spreads very rapidly.

Cancers of the breast, lung, kidney and skin also commonly spread to the brain and become fatal.

early symptoms of brain tumor

Severe headache Dizziness or vomiting Feeling weak in body Loss of balance in standing or walking Difficulty in hearing or speaking Seizures

what to do, what not to do

It is common to have a headache, in such a situation, instead of running to the doctor if there is mild pain, you should take some rest, but even then this pain is not getting better and is not getting rid of painkillers then you should consult a doctor. should. On seeing such symptoms, if you are taking pain killer and as long as the medicine is effective, then the pain is fine and after that it is starting again, then do not take the medicine again and again and see the doctor.

Health experts say that if a brain tumor is detected at the right time, it can be cured. Special attention should also be paid to food. Healthy lifestyle, exercise and good sleep should also be taken.

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