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More bleeding is a sign of cancer in these women, these changes are dangerous

Women’s Health Tips: The human body starts giving information about any disturbance in the form of some signs and symptoms. Billions of women worldwide go through menstrual cycles. For some, this time is very painful, when they also complain of period cramps and bad mood. But women are not aware of the warning signs seen during periods or they ignore them. According to them, a close watch should be kept on these warning signs during periods.

However, it is completely normal to have some degree of cramping during periods. But if these are excessive and so much that due to them your normal routine starts to be affected, then it is an alarm bell. If the pain remains unbearable even after taking painkillers, you may be at risk for adenomyosis, fibroids, or endometriosis. If it becomes unbearable, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

blood clots

Doctors say that large blood clots during the period are a sign of danger. If you also see blood clots, then understand that it is a sign of disturbances in menstrual health. Also, see if these clots are the size of a gold ball or are big, if something like this is happening then definitely contact the doctor.

When the body reacts negatively to tampons

Tampons prove to be very good in absorbing the bleeding that occurs during menstruation. But it is not necessary that every woman’s body accepts them. Yes, it is true that tampons do not prove to be suitable for everyone. If you develop a fever after using a tampon or if you do not feel well immediately, contact your doctor immediately. Because these symptoms can be of toxic shock syndrome, which is caused by the pathogens Staphylococci or Streptococci.

sudden change in menstruation

If you feel a sudden change in menstruation, such as bleeding that is much lighter or more than normal, then it is an indicator of something wrong in the body. While irregular bleeding is not serious in young women, it can be a more serious symptom in women over the age of forty. Cervical polyps, endometrial cancer or precancerous symptoms in women over the age of forty

The condition, called hyperplasia, can have symptoms. If detected at an early stage, they can be treated properly.

uniformity and color

The color of the discharge during your period also tells a lot about menstrual health. Doctors say that the ideal color of this discharge should be red like cranberry. But if it is darker in color and comes with some clots, then you should not ignore. You should get checked for fibroids or hormonal imbalance.

On the contrary, even if the color of the discharge becomes light pink, you should not delay in visiting the doctor. If the bleeding is too thick or too thin, it is also considered a sign of danger. The discharge should neither be too thick nor too thin – it is fine if it is in between. Apart from these, the doctor should also be seen if any other symptoms are seen.

Periods are not like advertising

Dr. Parul Aggarwal says that in real life, periods are not like any sanitary pad or tampon advertisement. But it also does not mean that you continue to suffer every month during your menstrual cycle. Of course, periods are normal, but it is not normal to go through a very painful period during this time. If you notice any of the above symptoms during your menstrual cycle, do not forget to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.



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