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Must eat mint chutney with onion pakodas in monsoon, know the reason

Mint leaves benefits: Rain means pakodas…we all have grown up with this thought and taste. As soon as the clouds start raining, our mind starts spinning to eat pakoras. Pakodas are usually prepared by mixing onion-potato and gram flour. For a pungent taste, chopped green chilies are mixed in their batter. While some people also use red chili powder. This is what happened to the dumplings.

But the whole season of monsoon is of rain… In such a situation, the round of tea-pakodas keeps going on every day. It is good to do this for taste and fun but what about the acidity that bothers you after having tea and pakodas? If someone has acidity in the stomach, then someone has a problem of heartburn. If you want that you can enjoy eating pakodas whenever you want throughout the monsoon and do not have any irritation or digestive problems, then you should consume onion and potato pakodas with mint chutney. What are the benefits of doing this, know here…

Eating pakodas in the monsoon season is a bit heavy for the digestive system. Because the gram flour used in these pakodas takes a long time to digest. Also, due to the excess of alkali in potato, it is also not good for digestion during rainy days. Therefore, it is good to eat pakodas with mint chutney to boost digestion.

Mint leaves contain phytonutrients. That is, such chemical compounds which are generated by the plant itself for its own safety. They destroy the bacteria, fungus and insects etc. on the plant. Whereas in the rainy season most of the fruits, vegetables are in the approach of these bacteria, fungi and insects. Therefore, regular consumption of mint chutney does not cause stomach infections.

The problem of headache can bother more in monsoon. This happens more to those people who have gas problem or have migraine problem. Because the humidity present in the environment triggers the causes of headache. In such a situation, eating mint chutney every day is beneficial. Because the menthol present in mint leaves works to relax the muscles. Also, does not allow air (Gas) to increase in the body. Due to this the problem of headache is controlled.

How to make Mint Chutney?

Prepare mint chutney by grinding green chilies, raw onions, cumin and some green coriander. If you like the taste of raw garlic, then one or two buds can be added to it. Add salt as per taste. Delicious mint chutney is ready for you. Now serve it with pakodas, parathas or food and get taste-health together.

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