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Must include these 10 superfoods in the diet list, the weight will decrease and the body will become perfectly fit

Healthiest Superfood: Just like you keep a playlist of your favorite songs to cheer up your mind and mood, you should keep a list of healthy foods in your mind to stay healthy. You may not be able to consume all of these things daily, but try to make 1-2 things a part of your diet every day. Today we are telling you about 10 such superfoods that will keep your body away from diseases, strengthen immunity and will also help you in losing weight. Let’s know about these superfoods.

1- Berries- You must include berries in breakfast. This is low calorie food. About 1 cup of fresh berries gives 80 calories. Berries are a fruit rich in antioxidants. By eating it, the mind becomes sharp and forgetfulness is less. Berries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. This keeps the skin young. 2- Kale- This is a low calorie superfood. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, magnesium, calcium and iron are found in this dark green vegetable. It is a good source of fiber. Eating 1 cup of kale gives only 10 calories. 3- Apple- Doctors also advise to eat an apple every day. By eating apples, the body gets all the necessary vitamins and nutrition. Apple is rich in fiber. Eating 1 apple gives 100 calories, but it is a very healthy snack option. Antioxidants are rich in apples. 4- Pomegranate- By eating pomegranate daily, the body gets fiber and a lot of iron. By eating pomegranate, the lack of blood in the body is removed. By eating pomegranate, there is no problem of heart diseases, cancer, and inflammation. You should drink a pomegranate or its juice daily. 5- Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt is a very good source of calcium and protein. There are about 80 calories in a 5.3 oz container, in which you get 14 grams of protein. You must consume yogurt or curd daily. 6- Spinach- Make sure to include spinach in the food. You can eat spinach soup, juice, or vegetables. Spinach is a good source of iron and magnesium. Eating spinach helps in weight loss and keeping the eyes healthy. 7- Broccoli- It is a low calorie superfood which is rich in sulforaphane, it reduces the accumulated fat in the body. Weight loss is achieved by eating broccoli. The phytochemical compound found in it helps in preventing prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, skin, toilet and oral cancer. 8- Carrot- Eating carrots rich in Vitamin A keeps the eyes healthy. Carrots have anti-cancer and anti-inflammation properties. Eating about half a cup of carrots gives 40 calories. You must eat carrots. 9- Seeds- You must definitely include seeds in the diet. Seeds are a good source of healthy fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals. You can eat pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds. These are included in low calorie food. 10- Papper- You should include non-starchy vegetables like papr ie capsicum in the food. You should include colored capsicum in green, red and yellow capsicum diet. This will fill you with fiber, vitamins and water.

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