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Now cancer disease can be treated as a panacea, scientists have come up with amazing technology


Injection can give new life to patients with advanced stage of cancerScientists have tested this injection on 40 people

Virus treat cancer: As soon as the name of cancer is heard, people’s senses go away. Scientists have found a cure for most diseases, but cancer is such a disease, whose full-fledged treatment has not yet been possible. Scientists are working day and night to find a cure for cancer. In this direction, British scientists have got significant success. According to the BBC report, in fact, UK scientists have discovered a new type of cancer therapy. In this, a type of medicine is made from the common virus and injected into the affected areas. During the trial on some people, its encouraging results have come to the fore. With this therapy, one patient of cancer was completely cured while the tumor of another person was also reduced.

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Scientists have created this drug using the cold sore virus responsible for mouth ulcers. Actually, this drug is a mild version of the cold sore virus or herpes simplex, in which it has been refined to kill tumors or cancer cells. Scientists say that this injection can give new life to patients with advanced stage of cancer. However, more study is still needed in this. The cancer of 39-year-old Krzysztof Wojkowski, who took part in the trial, has been completely cured. Since 2017, he was tired of getting treatment but his cancer was not getting cured. Wojkowski is a bodybuilder. He took part in a trial conducted at the Institute of Cancer Research of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Injection is injected into the tumor The injection of this drug is applied directly to the tumor to attack the cancer cell. It attacks cancer in two ways. The virus present in the drug attacks and destroys cancer cells and also activates the immune system. Scientists have tested this injection on 40 people. Some of these people were given the virus injection RP2, while some were given other drugs used in the treatment of cancer, such as nivolumab, etc. The results of the trial were presented at the Paris Medical Conference.

More patients will be treated, Nine people involved in the trial were given RP 2 injection. Wojkowski was also among them. The tumor of these people was reduced. Apart from this, 30 patients who were given injections and other medicines in the trial also benefited. The side effects observed were very minor. Leading researcher Prof. Kevin Harrington said, “This therapy will be useful in the treatment of patients with advanced and rare cancers. It has shown encouraging results in the trial. He told that this therapy can also cure rare cancers in the throat and eyes. He said that such results in the initial phase of clinical trials are very encouraging. Its main purpose was to test the safety of treatment as it included patients who were not responding to existing cancer treatments. “I am now curious to see if we can treat as many cancer patients as possible with this method,” he said.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 27, 2022, 16:12 IST



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