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Now no one will die of malaria, R21/Matrix-M vaccine is coming soon, know about it

Malaria Vaccine: A booster dose given one year after three initial doses of malaria vaccine R21/Matrix-M will be effective in preventing malaria. This vaccine (Malaria Vaccine) is capable of providing 70 to 80 percent protection against this mosquito-borne disease. This information has been given in a study published in the journal ‘The Lancet Infectious Diseases’. Researchers from the University of Oxford, UK, have shared the results of the second phase of research conducted on vaccine-takers after a booster dose (R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine) of the anti-malarial vaccine R21/Matrix-M was administered.

Serum Institute of India has vaccine license

The license for this malaria vaccine is with the Serum Institute of India (SII). In research conducted on children in East Africa in the year 2021, this vaccine was found to be effective in providing 77 percent protection against malaria for 12 months.

In the latest research, researchers found that a booster dose administered one year after all three initial doses of R21/Matrix-M met the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap target, which requires at least 75 percent of the vaccine. It is important to be effective.

Research involved 450 children of Congo

The research involved 450 children from Burkina Faso, aged between five and 17 months. These were divided into three groups. In the first two groups, 409 children were given a booster dose of the anti-malarial vaccine. At the same time, an effective vaccine was given in the prevention of rabies of children of the third group. All vaccines were administered in June 2020. This period predates the peak of the malaria outbreak. In the research, participants who received a booster dose of the anti-malarial vaccine were found to have 70 to 80 percent immunity against this mosquito-borne disease after 12 months.

Pleasant results seen after 28 days of taking the vaccine

According to the researchers, 28 days after the booster dose, the levels of ‘antibodies’ in the participants were similar to those given at the initial dose. They reported that no serious side effects were observed in the participants after the booster dose.

Lead researcher Halidu Tinto said, “It is wonderful to see such high immunity develop once again with just one booster dose of the vaccine. We are currently conducting a very large-scale third round of trials, so that the vaccine can be licensed for widespread use by next year.”

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