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Number of TB patients increased for the first time in many years, this virus became responsible

TB Treatment: TB ie Tuberculosis is a disease related to the lungs. When the immune system of any person is weak or due to TB infection spreading around, this disease catches you. At one time TB appeared like an epidemic, but due to the efforts of different countries globally, it has now become a common disease.

Corona is responsible for increasing TB
TB patients are also included in those who have developed resistance against drugs after quitting TB drug, that is, the first stage drug effect on them. does not. The World Health Organization has acknowledged that the number of TB patients has increased for the first time in the world and the Kovid virus is responsible for this. The reason behind this was given that after the knock of Kovid 19, lockdown was imposed in most of the countries in the year 2020. TB medicines could not reach the patients. Due to this the number of TB patients increased. 

1 in three gets treatment
Lockdown has caused a lot of damage in the fight against TB disease. The patients did not get the medicine on time. Because of this TB disease increased. According to the WHO report, only one in three people suffering from drug-resistant TB due to corona are getting treatment. African countries are in bad shape. 

The situation of TB in India is appalling
In India, about 2.20 lakh deaths are happening every year due to TB alone. TB disease remains serious in the country. The Government of India is working on a plan to eradicate TB from the country by the year 2025. However, Corona has put some obstacles in the plan of the central government. TB is a bacterial infection. It mainly affects the lungs. Its bacteria spread from one person to another from air to air. When the immune system is weak, this disease takes its toll rapidly.

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