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Perpetual risk of loss of taste and smell from Covid-19 infection? Big disclosure in the study


This problem of most people gets corrected in about 6 months. About 40% people see such symptoms after corona.

Covid-19 Side Effects: Kovid-19 has been wreaking havoc all over the world for almost 3 years. Till now crores of people have fallen prey to this disease and lakhs of people have lost their lives. The speed of Corona has increased once again in the country for the last few weeks. More and more people are getting infected with the corona virus. Many people lose their ability to taste and smell when they are exposed to infection. Simply put, such people cannot tell the taste of something after eating it and they do not smell anything. Such symptoms are seen in about 50% of the cases. A recent study regarding Kovid has made some people sleepy. Get to know about this in detail.

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Shocking things revealed in the study According to the report of Medical News Today, a recent study has come to the fore regarding Kovid-19 infection, which has revealed that 5% of people infected with this virus have the ability to taste and smell for several months. Till does not come back. One patient could not recover the smell and test for 27 months. However, this problem of most people got corrected in just a few months. Researchers say that millions of people are facing these problems due to corona. After smelling a large number of people, it seems that the test is also gone but it is not so.

According to the study, smell and taste are directly related to our emotional health. When people deal with this type of problem, their quality of life is negatively affected. This problem becomes the reason for many problems in our everyday life. This study has shown that most of the patients recovered from this side effect of corona in 6 months. The researchers also found that women were less likely to regain their sense of smell and taste than men. About 40% people saw such symptoms after corona.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 08, 2022, 06:00 IST


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