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Remember these symptoms on World Stroke Day 2022, the brain first gives such gestures

Stroke has become one of the leading causes of death in India. This is a dangerous disease that requires immediate medical attention. Therefore, World Stroke Day is celebrated every year on 29 October to spread awareness about this dreaded disease. World Stroke Day is also called World Stroke Day 2022 in Hindi. What is a stroke? According to Dr. Khushboo Goel, Consultant, Department of Neurology, HCMCT Manipal Hospital, a stroke occurs when blood clots or clots form in the blood vessels. Fat gets stored in the form of plaque. Because of this, the flow of blood to the brain is reduced or completely stopped. It blocks the flow of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the brain, causing brain cells to die within minutes. Bleeding in the brain can also lead to stroke in some cases. When the damage is too great. There are two levels of stroke- ministroke and stroke. What is a mini-stroke?

A mini-stroke occurs when the damage lasts only a few minutes and does not leave lasting effects on the brain. Its symptoms are similar to those of other strokes and are often taken as a warning of an impending major stroke. It is very important to know that stroke can cause permanent brain damage and long-term disability. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the symptoms of a stroke. About which Dr. Khushboo Goyal is telling.

Weakness and numbness in some parts of the body

Individuals experiencing a stroke may experience partial paralysis on their face, arms or legs. In most cases it is seen on one side of the body. To recognize this, the patient is asked to raise his/her arm/leg or smile.

difficulty speaking and understanding

The person has sudden confusion or difficulty understanding, which is a sign of an impending stroke. In such cases, it is advisable to remain calm and do a small test to verify the signs. The patient may need assistance due to suddenly not being able to speak sentences and communicate.

loss of eyesight

Sudden partial or complete vision loss is another symptom to be aware of. It can happen in one or both eyes. In some cases of stroke, the patient’s vision may come and go. Whereas partial vision loss is less severe. Retinal artery occlusion causes a blood clot to form in the eye, which can result in permanent blindness. It is also caused by stroke.

lose balance

Immediate dizziness, imbalance and loss of coordination can occur as a reaction to damage to the brain. This makes it difficult for the patient to walk, sit and move.

severe headache

Unbearable headache with no known cause is an important symptom that should not be overlooked. This is the first sign of something wrong in the mind. Timely intervention of medical specialists is important for recovery after a stroke. It is common to underestimate mini-strokes and their symptoms and lead to worse cases of stroke. Being aware and proactive about stroke symptoms and getting regular tests is essential for the best treatment.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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