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Seasonal Affective Disorder cases increase in winter, these are the symptoms

Depression Cases Increase In Winter: After Diwali, the pink winter season will start. As the weather cools, so will the cases of depression. You will be surprised to know but it is true that the cases of suicide increase in large numbers during the winter season. The reason for this is depression.

We are talking here that why depression increases in winter and by adopting which home remedies you can control this problem.

Why do depression patients increase in winter?

When we asked Dr Rajesh Kumar, Senior Psychiatrist of Max Hospital, the reason for the increase in the number of patients of depression during the winter season, he gave two main reasons for this. He says, ‘The reason for increasing depression in winter is directly related to the weather. The first reason for increasing depression is that the timing of sunlight decreases in these days, due to which the secretion of serotonin hormone in the brain is affected. It is a mood lightening hormone, also known as happy hormone. It also acts as a neurotransmitter for the brain and directly affects mood, with low levels having a negative effect on mental health and increasing symptoms of depression. It is also called seasonal affective disorder. ,

The second reason is that cold is like a stress for our body. The body tries to keep itself warm to reduce the effect of cold. For this, the body has to burn a large amount of carbohydrates and when the body burns a large amount of carbohydrates, the excretion of cortisol increases. Cartisol is a negative hormone, which is responsible for depression. Due to this, when the amount of cortisol starts increasing inside the body in winter, then a large number of people start feeling sad and depressed.

symptoms of depression

Feeling depressed often, lack of understanding and lack of interest in any work, lack of desire to do what you love, happens all the time and feeling powerless, excessive sleep, this desire to sleep all the time, cravings all the time, especially Craving for carbohydrate rich food and gaining weight Loss of focus, lack of focus, lack of self-confidence and feeling guilty for everything wrong sometimes loss of will to live and suicidal thoughts

What to do to avoid depression?

Try to spend maximum time in natural light. Set a fixed bedtime and wake-up time. Do meditation to avoid negative thoughts. Attend a yoga class or join a dancing class. Pay attention to your hobbies. At least once a week, go for a walk in any open place like garden or park. Stay away from everything that brings you negativity. Be sure to visit a psychiatrist if needed. Because in this situation, medicines or therapies are often needed to balance the hormonal secretion.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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