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Seeing the transformation of Sita Deepika Chikhaliya of Ramayana, she was shocked at the age of 57

Deepika Chikhaliya, who entered the hearts of people as Mother Sita from Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial ‘Ramayana’, may have crossed the half-century mark long ago in terms of age, but even today she was impressed by her beauty and elegance. Can’t live without This actress and politician, who has millions of followers on social media, recently surprised everyone with her transformation. His look was such, beyond which even the girls of today’s era can get a competition. (All photos: Instagram @dipikachikhliatopiwala) Gorgeous glamorous look

Actually, Deepika can be seen in a glamorous look in the latest photos. This definitely includes her clothes, but her hair and makeup are also adding a pro-finish to the overall appearance. Women running in their 40s and 50s can also take tips from these pictures of her.

Hairstyles that added glam to the look

Generally, women who fall in the 40-50 bracket do not style their hair much. However, a stylish cut can add a bit of youthful vibes to the entire look. Deepika’s look is an example of this. Instead of a plain haircut, this actress carries a layered cut with a V-shape. When she flaunts them by keeping them open with Indian or western clothes, the glam element is added to the pictures.

Fresh and young look with makeup

There is also a difference in the makeup of Deepika Chikhaliya in the latest pictures. While earlier she was seen in a minimal or heavy base, now she is seen in natural tone makeup with a smooth finish. In this pic, you can see her no-makeup, makeup look, which was not only highlighting her features but also giving her skin a fresh and youthful appearance.

Prepared like this on Diwali

However, on the occasion of Diwali, Deepika dressed up as a traditional look. She gave an elegant touch to her overall look with a Kosa silk saree. The actress had put a big red dot on her forehead while doing minimal makeup. He had tied his long thick hair in a bun and decorated it with flowers. At the same time, red colored nail polish could be seen on her nails, which was adding color to the overall pastel appearance.

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