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Shahrukh Khan’s daughter injured her heart by showing her back in mother’s sari

Due to Kovid-19, Diwali could not be celebrated in India in the way it was always celebrated for almost two years. However, this time on Diwali, people are in the mood for celebration with double zeal and preparation. A glimpse of this was also seen in Beetown, where back to back Diwali bashes were held. In these parties, Bollywood stars were seen attending more than one look. Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan was also included in these guests, whose traditional look people could not stay without being impressed. Mother prepared for the party.

For a Diwali party, Suhana dressed up in a golden sari. This traditional wear was not worn by any stylist but by her mother Gauri. The high point of the entire desi look was her blouse, from which Suhana flaunted her sexy looking toned back flawlessly.

smooth looking back

Suhana’s back was looking so smooth and one-toned in a backless blouse that even girls would be in awe of her. This is because most girls want such flawless looking back water, which has neither hair nor any kind of black patches.

Do this for a beautiful looking backIf you also want a smooth looking back like Suhana, it is very easy to get it. If you opt for waxing, it will remove the hair as well as give it a smooth feel. Hair removal cream or razor can also be used. However, this will cause the hair to grow back quickly, as both methods simply remove the hair from the top layer. (Photo Credits: Instagram @suhanakhan2, unsplash)Exfoliation and Moisturizing Keep exfoliating to keep your back clean and smooth. You can use a store bought or homemade scrub for this. Body brush or loofah while taking shower It will also be good to use. Moisturize your back well. One can also apply coconut or almond oil on it on Sundays. After massaging it, you will feel the difference in the skin yourself. By the way, if you want to give a toned look to the back, then do exercises related to the back, which will make the muscles toned. (photo credit: unsplash)

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