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Signs of brain stroke start appearing months before, do not make the mistake of ignoring

Symptoms Of Brain Stroke: There has been a significant increase in cases of brain stroke in the recent past. This disease is mostly targeting our young population. Brain stroke is a neurological condition in which there is a sudden attack inside the brain. Brain stroke problem occurs due to the bursting of blood vessels supplying blood to our brain or due to blockage in the nerves of the brain. Every year about 18 lakh people in the country face the problem of brain stroke and about 30 percent of these people die from it.

Brain stroke or brain attack is not good for our health at all. It can damage some part of our brain or it can cause disability or even death due to its rapid increase. Knowing the symptoms of stroke is very important for us so that it can be treated on time. According to the news of the Times of India, the signs of having a stroke start appearing a few months before, but many people ignore it, due to which they have to face serious consequences.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 24, 2022, 06:00 IST



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