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Silence is the protective shield of health, gives relief from many serious diseases

Natural Medicine: Nowadays our whole day is spent in the noise. There is so much sound in the environment around us that we do not even understand when it becomes a part of our routine. Whether there is horn of vehicles in traffic or music in public places. In such a situation, there is a rapid change in the lifestyle. Mental peace is not available and many types of diseases are surrounding us. The easiest way to avoid this is silence. Silence has also been described as a very good means for health in spirituality. Science also believes that silence is very effective in protecting against the effects of noise on health.

What does research say

According to many research and experts, if we find peace for a few moments from the noise and noise, then it can greatly benefit our health. If there is peace, then there is a state of emptiness. Means no sound. Low or no voice can give great relief to our body, mind and mood levels. It also has many benefits…

Silence drives away tension

If there is a noisy environment around us, then sometimes we reach a state of tension. In such a situation, if we go to a place of peace or remain silent, then it reduces the hormone cortisol responsible for stress. By staying silent, our creativity also increases and we also find solutions to any problem quickly. Silence leads to good sleep and there is no stress.

Hypertension will be overcome by silence

If someone has a problem of hypertension, then silence is not less than a boon for him. A study conducted in 2006 found that if a two-minute break is taken after listening to a song, the subsequent calmness reduces heart rate and blood pressure. If the music is in low voice, then peace is very beneficial for the heart as compared to that.

Silence enhances concentration

During examinations at home, elders often used to say that study in peace. This meant that you should study in a place where there is no noise. Due to this your concentration was maintained. If we work in peace, then our brain works faster and is able to complete the work in a better way. Therefore, having silence or peace can be very beneficial.

Silence saves energy

Due to the hustle and bustle of the day, countless thoughts keep running in our mind. Sometimes we also try to stop them but they are not able to come under control. In such a situation, if we go to a quiet environment, where there is time to be silent for a few moments. So it helps to stop such thoughts by saving our energy. Silence helps us to always be in the present.

Memory is strengthened by peace and silence

In a 2013 study, it was found that after two hours of silence in some rats, new cells started growing in their hippocampus. These cells are related to memory and emotions. According to this study, being silent develops our brain and benefits in many ways.

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