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Skin Care Tips: How to keep skin glowing in rainy season, learn best tips from experts

How to Keep Skin Healthy in Rainy Season: Monsoon is likely to arrive in North India in the next few weeks. After the rain, people will get some relief from the scorching heat. Most of the people like to roam in the rainy season. Sometimes the weather becomes very pleasant and people cannot stop themselves from enjoying the weather even if they want. People want to enjoy the rainy season, but many times skin problems come to the fore. As the humidity in the environment increases, it becomes difficult to maintain the glow of your skin. Especially people with oily and sensitive skin need to take good care of their skin during this season.

These problems can occur regarding the skin in the rain

According to dermatologist Dr. Yugal Rajput (MD), sweating occurs more during the rainy season and there is moisture in the atmosphere as well. Because of this people have to face skin problems. Due to humidity and sweating, fungal infections, ringworm, prickly heat, eczema or allergies occur on many parts of the body. Apart from this, acne comes out on the face and hair fall also starts. The reason for this can also be the dirty water and dust of the rain. Therefore, after coming from outside, the skin should be cleaned.

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Keep these things in mind to keep the skin healthy

Dr. Yugal Rajput says that it is very important to take care of some things to avoid these problems. If you get drenched in the rain, then after coming home, take off the wet clothes as soon as possible and take a bath with clean water. Make sure to apply moisturizer on the skin after bathing. This locks the moisture in and reduces the risk of irritations. To avoid acne, one should wash the face with face wash twice a day and use moisturizer. Antifungal dusting powder can be used to avoid fungal infections. Conditioner can be used after shampoo to avoid hairfall.

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Diet has a great effect on the skin

According to experts, to keep the skin turmeric and glowing in the rain, 4 to 5 liters of water should be drunk every day. Seasonal fruits should be included in the diet. Fruits are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, which make the skin glowing. Apart from this, junk food should be avoided. Many times, preservatives are used in junk food, which can increase the problem of acne and allergies. If you are dealing with the problem of acne, then you need to take special precautions.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 24, 2022, 06:32 IST


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