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Skin Health Tips: What Is Better Hydrating Or Moisturizing, Know Your Skin’s Need

Moisturizing vs Hydrating, Skin Care Tips: Skin is such a part of our body that it is very important to take care of it. Keeping the skin healthy is very important for both our health and beauty. Whenever it comes to skin care, you must have heard the words moisturizing and hydrating. Both these things play an important role in the care of our skin, but often people are confused about them. Many times people think that these two are the same thing and the work of both is also the same.

Moisturizing and hydrating both work to nourish the skin. There is actually a huge difference between the two when it comes to hydrating vs moisturizing. These two methods work together to keep your skin healthy – you need both to maintain beautiful, supple skin throughout your body, but you need to understand that your skin Does it need moisturizing or hydrating?

What is the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? To understand the difference between hydrating and moisturizing, you must first understand dryness and dehydration. The problem of dryness usually occurs when there is a lack of oil in your skin while there is a lack of water in dehydration. While hydrating the skin, we remove the lack of water from the skin, while the lack of oil is removed to remove dryness.

Let us tell you in common language that the meaning of hydrating is to bring moisture to the skin and moisturizing means to maintain the moisture in the body continuously.

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To overcome the problem of moisture, the skin is brought by removing the lack of hydration i.e. the lack of water in the body, while the lack of moisturizer causes the skin to become completely dry. By applying moisturizer, you can retain moisture in your skin. For this, you can use the moisturizer available in the market. Let us tell you that gel-based moisturizers work for several hours.

Which one does your skin need? Moisturizer and hydrator are like two sides of the same coin as both work to moisturise your skin. In such a situation, how will you know which one you need, then you can use both the products for your skin care.

You must have noticed that the skin of Korean women is very glowing, the biggest reason behind this is that they use sheet masks to hydrate the skin. This gives glow to the face. You can also use a sheet mask to keep the skin glowing and moisturized.

Hydrating increases moisture in the skin. Hydrating is an important factor in the health of our entire body. Hydration tells about the amount of water in our skin and there are many methods adopted in Korea to keep the skin hydrated. There people fiercely use hydrators products which increase the amount of water in the skin. If you cannot use other products, then you can make a habit of drinking water every once in a while, by this you can also maintain moisture in your skin.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 29, 2022, 17:00 IST



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