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Skin will glow with curd, just massage like this

Curd For Instant Glow: Skin care plays a very important role in everyone’s routine. Whether it is a common man or a celebrity, everyone makes various efforts regarding their skin care routine. Some people believe more on external products, while some are seen trying to enhance their face with home remedies. In such a situation, if we talk about home remedies, then what is the thing that can be easily available, which can bring amazing glow on your face. We are talking about curd. This is one such ingredient which is very beneficial for your skin and is available in every home. You will be surprised to know that massaging the face of curd can get rid of many skin related diseases. Apart from this, you get instant glow from curd.

benefits of curd on skin


preventing acne

reduce sunburn

lighten dark circles

anti aging

Use curd for face pack like this

Mix two spoons of curd, one spoon of aloe vera gel and two spoons of multani mitti in a bowl and prepare it like a paste.

Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for some time

After staying for 15 to 20 minutes, wash the face with cold water and after that apply rose water.

Massage like this with curd

Take a little curd every day and massage it with light hands on the face. Wash the face after drying. Doing this regularly makes the skin glow.

For facial massage, mix 1 tablespoon curd, 1 tablespoon fresh aloe vera gel and a little turmeric. After this, apply this pack on the face and massage the floor for about 10 minutes. After that wash off with clean water.

Curd is such a natural product in which massaging the face with turmeric or honey brings instant glow on the face.

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