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Start the day with these things to maintain energy

First Meal Of The Day: After opening your eyes in the morning, your day starts with a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits, cookies or toast. This is the routine of most people. After that we all hope to be healthy and energized! it’s not possible. If you want to remain energetic all the time, then be a little careful about the beginning of your day and the first food you eat in the morning should be the most different. Because this food gives energy to the internal organs of your body for the whole day and prepares it to keep digestion right. Learn about what you can consume as the first food and why you should do so here…

Your day should start with drinking a glass of water. What’s the food after that? So the answer is nuts and seeds. Just start your day with these things for 1 month and see, your energy will remain till nightfall and you will forget what is being tired.

How to eat nuts and seeds in the morning?

To use nuts and seeds as the first meal of the morning, soak them in water at night before sleeping. After starting the day by drinking water, whenever you want to eat something, eat it first.

Which seeds and nuts can be eaten on an empty stomach?

Almonds, Raisins, Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, soak all these overnight and consume them in the morning. Keep in mind that flax seeds should always be soaked separately. While preparing your first food in the morning, you can also add some other things to it. Like… Honey Walnut Makhane Cashew Mishri

If you want to drink something hot with them, then you can take tea, milk, coffee. But try that instead of tea made from milk, you take black-tea or drink milk.

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