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Sudden weight loss and increase can also be signs of thyroid


Thyroid can be balanced with a healthy diet. To control thyroid, take a sugar-free diet.

Remedies for Thyroid: If your weight is increasing and decreasing continuously, then it can be an alarm bell for you, because it can be a symptom of thyroid. Thyroid problem is common nowadays, most people are falling prey to thyroid due to their poor lifestyle. Doctors consider its symptoms as silent killer because most of the people come to know about it only when they are completely under its grip. Huh. Controlling thyroid is not very difficult, by making some simple changes in lifestyle like nutritious food in diet and reducing stress, thyroid can be balanced. Let us know what is thyroid symptoms and prevention.

What are the symptoms of thyroid? According to the health line, there can be many symptoms of thyroid, some of which are as follows – Irritability. – Excessive sweating. – Shaking hands. – Thinning of hair. – Weight loss or gain Weakness and pain in the muscles. -Increased heartbeat. -Irregularity during periods in women

What is the treatment? It is very important for thyroid patients to consult a doctor and follow his instructions, along with there are some other methods that you can adopt at home.

In the case of sugar free diet, you may have to face many problems due to sugar. So take sugar free diet. Sugar can increase the inflammation in your body and increasing inflammation in the body can make the problem more serious.

B vitamins can improve your health by increasing the amount of B vitamins. Taking a vitamin B-12 supplement can help repair many of the damages done to the body due to hypothyroidism.

Correct the diet The most important thing for thyroid patients is to correct their eating habits. Instead of eating starchy foods like bread, eat whole grains like wheat, ragi and oats. Avoid consuming things containing refined carbohydrates. Foods rich in sodium i.e. processed food should be avoided.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 23, 2022, 17:59 IST


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