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Surya Grahan 2022: Can the eyesight be lost when you see the solar eclipse with the naked eye? Know the reason, remedy


Looking at the Sun with the naked eye can burn your retina. Symptoms of eye damage can be active 12 hours after viewing the eclipse.

Can Looking at solar Eclipse Damage your Eyes: Today (October 25) there is going to be a solar eclipse. Everyone has a desire to see this celestial event, but experts say that watching a solar eclipse with the naked eye can be dangerous. During an eclipse, the rays of the Sun become very concentrated, due to which its light becomes very bright. In such a situation, seeing the sun directly can also burn the retina and cause permanent damage to the eyesight. Time has been quoted by NASA as saying that the only way to see the solar eclipse safely is to use an ‘eclipse glass’.

Why does this damage to the eyes Actually, viewing the Sun with the naked eye during an eclipse can burn your retina, which can damage the images that your brain sees. This is known as “eclipse blindness”, in which there may be temporary or permanent vision loss. It can also lead to blindness.

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What do the experts say? Ralph Chow says that if people look at the sun without proper protection, there is a risk of damage to their eyes. However, it depends on how often and for how long they look at the sun without protection. He told that it is not possible to become completely blind after seeing the eclipse, as the injury is limited to the central part of your visual field.

There are no immediate symptoms or pain associated with damage to the eye, so it is difficult to know at that time whether you are actually suffering from blindness due to eclipse. When you look at the sun without filtering, there is a glare effect in seeing anything. Because of this there can be a problem in concentration and there is a feeling of spots everywhere. But, it does not mean that your retina is damaged. According to Chow, the symptoms are usually active 12 hours after seeing the eclipse. Often when people wake up in the morning, they feel that their vision has changed.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 25, 2022, 08:35 IST



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