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The benefits of beer are many, if you drink less and in the right way

Beer Health Benefits: It is said that excessive consumption of anything can be harmful for health. Some similar research has come to the fore regarding beer. If you include beer in the right amount and way in your daily diet, then it can also bring a lot of health benefits. In the summer season, if you drink cold beer in limited quantity, then scientists have also considered it good for health. According to a news published in The Sun, research has found that if you drink beer with your dinner during the summer season, it is beneficial for the healthy bacteria present in your gut. Not only this, it can also control diabetes and heart disease. So let us know how we can include beer in our diet to boost health and what benefits we can get.

Benefits of drinking beer in moderation

Effective in losing weight: Consuming more beer can increase your weight, but it has fewer calories than wine and because of this, it can also help in reducing weight.

Give strength to the bones Often after menopause, there is a complaint of low bone density of men and women, due to which people are troubled by the problem of joint pain etc. Research has found that people who drink one or two glasses of beer a day, compared to those who do not drink beer, they have to go through more such problems. However, people who drink more beer also complain of low bone density.

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Reduce the risk of diabetes Some research has found that there are some elements in beer, which work to reduce the risk of diabetes. Not only this, it can also keep the problem of high blood pressure away. However, it is beneficial only if you simultaneously workout and take the right diet.

Liver remains healthy Liver problem is common for those who drink more than necessary, but if you consume alcohol-free beer in limited quantity, it keeps the liver healthy.

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Rich in antioxidants Like red wine, antioxidant elements are also found in beer, which can help protect us from the damage of free radicals.

Can Live Longer A research in Holland found that people who drank a limited amount of beer per day lived up to 90 years longer than others.

Heart stays According to research, it was found that people who drink half a glass of beer daily, the risk of heart attack decreases by 50 percent.

Cancer prevention Researches have found that some elements are found in beer prepared from the hops plant, which can fight colon cancer and liver cancer. This also does not mean that drinking beer can cure cancer or avoid cancer completely.

What experts say According to the NHS, consuming more than 14 units of beer a week can prove to be harmful. Not only this, if you are consuming it for more than 3 days or drinking it in excess, then it can be very harmful for health.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 22, 2022, 19:30 IST


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