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Death Due To Air Pollution: In the new report of the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, it has been said that in the year 2019, 9 million people died due to pollution all over the world, in which the worst condition is India. was of In India alone 23 lakh people lost their lives due to pollution.

Many more shocking revelations have been made in this report, which shows how pollution is killing people by entering their bodies like slow poison. It has also been told in this report that the worst level of pollution is in the cities of North India. Know the special things of this report.

Pollution causes the death of 90 lakh people every year

In this report of Lancet, data has been taken from a report of Global Burden of Disease, in which it has been told that about 9 million people are dying every year due to pollution but the worst condition is in India. .

1 million premature deaths every year in India

Every year about one million people die in India due to pollution, but the highest death occurred in the year 2019 when pollution became the reason for the death of 23 lakh people. Although the death rate due to household pollution such as burning fuel in the house or the pollution present in the water consumed in the house has decreased in the last few years, but industrial pollution has increased many toxins and chemicals in the air, which increases the pollution in the air greatly. Has gone.

Shocking revelations in Lancet report

This study also revealed that more than 90% of the people who died due to pollution lived in low-income or middle-income countries. India is at the top of these countries where 23 lakh people died and at number two is China where about 21 lakh people died.

It has also been told in this report that the death due to pollution also had an effect on GDP. The report also mentions pollution-reducing measures by the government, including the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, in which gas is provided as fuel to the poor and women in villages.

Pollution is increasing the most in North India

Regarding the increasing pollution in India, a US research group also said in its study that pollution is very high in many cities of North India and about 480 million (480 million) people living in these cities face the world’s worst pollution level. Huh.

Pollution reaches alarming levels in Delhi

In September last year, the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago had also said in a report that if Delhi’s pollution comes up to the WHO guidelines, then the life of people living here can increase by 10 years.

India has an average of 70.3 µg/m air pollutant which represents the highest pollution in the world. According to WHO guidelines, the concentration of particles in the air, ie pollutant, should be only 10 µg/m.

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