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There is a problem of palpitation due to these reasons in pregnancy, this is how you will get relief


Heartbeat can be normalized by diet and meditation in pregnancy. Heart palpitation does not pose any risk to women.

Palpitation Problem In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman has to face many physical and mental changes. Every woman’s pregnancy is different. If someone has to endure problems like vomiting and dizziness, then someone has problems related to blood circulation. One such problem is heart palpitation, which occurs due to blood circulation. During pregnancy, most women’s heart beat increases due to nervousness and restlessness, which can lead to heart palpitations. This is a common problem, which gets resolved on its own in no time. If this problem occurs repeatedly then a doctor should be consulted. Know some important things related to it.

What is the reason for heart palpitation? According to the healthline, there are many changes in the body of women during pregnancy, out of which heart palpitation is a common change that almost every woman faces. During this, the blood circulation becomes faster, due to which the heartbeat increases by 25 percent more than normal. This mostly happens in the third trimester when more blood is needed for the development of the baby. 20 percent of the body’s blood works to increase the growth of the child and the rest 80 percent of the blood pumps the heart. In such a situation, the heart works faster, due to which the heart beat increases.

Heart palpitation treatment It is normal to have heart palpitations during pregnancy, in such a situation even doctors do not do any kind of treatment. If the woman has more difficulty in breathing, then medicine can be given to normalize the heart beat. In such a situation, as far as possible, one should remain calm, as well as the help of meditation can be taken. Breathing exercise can also be done to normalize the heart. This can also help in reducing the speed of the heart.

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Causes of heart palpitations – Stress – Anxiety – Increased blood volume – High intake of tea or coffee – Due to drugs – Heart problem – Thyroid – Heart damage – Fatigue – Bloating – Exercising – Smoking – Hormonal changes

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