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There will be immediate relief in the problem of gas, acidity and heartburn in pregnancy, follow these measures

Home Remedy For Acidity In Pregnancy: The first 3 months of pregnancy are very difficult for any woman. During this, hormonal changes are taking place in the body, due to which women start having problems of vomiting, nausea and heartburn. In the third trimester, the problem of heartburn starts increasing rapidly. Heartburn is caused by food intake and progesterone hormones. Although some women get relief from this after 3 months. If you have a lot of burning and acidity problem, then take care of some things and also adopt some home remedies.

Why Heartburn and Acidity Happen in Pregnancy Actually, progesterone relaxes the muscles of the uterus to allow space for the baby to develop, but it also affects the valve separating the stomach and esophagus or esophagus. Due to this acid reaches the esophagus and causes heartburn. Due to the increase in progesterone hormones, our digestive system also becomes weak. Food is not digested quickly and acidity starts. Acidity leads to heartburn and vomiting. When the child starts growing, the body starts increasing the acid upwards, which leads to heartburn.

Remedies to Avoid Heartburn and Acidity 1- If you have heartburn and acidity, then avoid eating too much food together. Instead, eat light and little food during the day. 2- Eat dinner early so that the food gets digested till you sleep. This will give time to digest food and less acid will be made. 3- In pregnancy, you should avoid fried, roasted and spicy food. Such food creates acidity which leads to heartburn problem. 4- Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee during pregnancy. Due to this the acid increases and the problem of heartburn starts. 5- Never drink water immediately after eating food. This delays digestion and turns the food into acid. 6- People who have acidity problem should not consume more citrus fruits like lemon, orange or grapes. Especially avoid eating these fruits on an empty stomach in the morning. 7- Reduce the use of ginger, garlic, standing spices and onions in food. You can also remove them completely. This will make less acid. 8- Avoid wearing tight clothes to avoid acid in pregnancy. While sleeping at night, keep the head high above the stomach. For this, put a little high pillow under the head. 9- Whenever you eat food, do walk for 15 minutes after that. This will make food easier to digest. Drink more and more water during the day. 10- If you are feeling very burning, then take half a cup of cold milk and drink it after mixing some water in it. This will give relief in acidity. Also read: Pollution For Heart: Air pollution can cause heart attack, know how dangerous pollution is for the heart

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