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These are the best foods including curd and lentils for good nail growth

Best foods for Healthy Nails: Your nails play a big role in your personality. You do not know how many expensive manicures you do for nails, but for good nails, you do not need any manicure, but a healthy diet. Good nutrients are needed to make anything strong from the root for ever. If applied from above, the effect of coated things does not last long. In the same way, women adopt various measures to enhance the beauty of their nails, but even the most expensive treatment in the parlor is visible on the nails for a few days and after that the nails become even more weak. In such a situation, you should include some things in your diet, which will increase the length and strength of your nails along with the shine.

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Foods that can improve nail growth

According to, yogurt is considered a good source for good nail growth and sign enhancement. Yogurt is used for many skin related problems, because calcium is available in abundance in curd. The lactic acid present in curd enhances the shine of the nails. It also removes the dead skin around the nails, which increases the shine of the nails.

To maintain the shine and strength of nails, you must include pulses in your diet, because the protein zinc and biotin elements present in pulses increase the length of your nails. By consuming pulses, along with the nails, the whole body gets protein.

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Vitamin A If you want long nails, then you can include the vitamin in your diet. Vitamin A is abundantly available in many things like grapes, carrots, spinach, milk, cheese and fish. Vitamin A is very good for the growth of nails as well as helps in keeping the bones and teeth of the body strong.

Eggs are considered to be a good source for protein, so if you want good growth of nails, then you can eat egg white, which is rich in protein. Your nails will remain healthy. To maintain the strength and shine of your nails, healthy things should be included in the diet, so that along with nails, these nutritious things can also benefit your health.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 25, 2022, 16:16 IST


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