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These bad habits block coronary arteries, increase the risk of heart failure


An unhealthy lifestyle and diabetes block the arteries. Due to artery blockage, the risk of heart attack increases manifold.

Reasons for Coronary Artery Blockage: Blood arteries ie coronary arteries perform important work like circulating blood, nutrients and oxygen to the heart. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity can cause their blockage, which becomes a big problem for the heart and the whole body. No one knows when minor symptoms like chest pain and fatigue come in this disease like a heart attack. Arteries blockage simply means that there is no circulation of blood and nutrients to the heart. In such a situation, the blood pressure starts increasing which is a factor in heart failure. It is important to understand the reason for this blockage of blood arteries so that it can be avoided and prevention is also possible. Let us know due to which the arteries of the blood are blocked,

due to blockage of blood vessels

Unhealthy diet: According to Mayo, a daily routine of oily-fatty food and without exercise is a risk to the heart. It is also the root of obesity and high BP, due to which the arteries get blocked.

High Cholesterol: Deficiency of good cholesterol or excess of bad cholesterol both are not good for the heart. High cholesterol levels increase the risk of a disease called atherosclerosis, which can result in blockage of arteries.

Diabetes: Increased blood sugar level in the body means the birth of problems like obesity and blood pressure. It affects the heart and blood circulation, which increases the chances of blockage of the arteries.

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Smoking or alcohol consumption: Smoking is a poison for heart health and consumption of alcohol damages the heart muscles. In such a situation, it can be a big risk for the heart and blood circulation, due to which artery blockage can also happen.

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Stress: Depression and anxiety have a bad effect on our mind. Also, by taking stress, the blood vessels start narrowing, which can block the blood arteries.

Obesity: Obesity also brings with it problems like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. A layer of fatty acids is formed in the blood vessels, due to which there is a risk of blockage of arteries.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 27, 2022, 11:25 IST

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