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These foods will remove vitamin D deficiency with sunbath, you should also know


Sunlight is the biggest source of vitamin D. Sea food, mushrooms also contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Intake- A healthy body requires protein, calcium and vitamins. There are many types of vitamins that help in keeping the body healthy, one of them is vitamin D. Vitamin D has been considered very important for skin and bones. Although it should be supplied by sunlight in the body, but due to busy life people are taking Vitamin D in the form of tablets. Vitamin D can not only help in increasing bone strength but also reduce the risk of Kovid-19. People who are deficient in Vitamin D are more prone to infections. Apart from this, it also makes the body’s immune system healthy and prevents respiratory diseases.

According to Sunbath LenHealthline, there is a lot of trend to take sunbath abroad. Sunbath is specially done to get Vitamin D. Let us tell you that it is also called sunshine vitamin. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. The UV rays of the sun collide with cholesterol through the skin cells and vitamin D begins to be produced in the body. Vitamin D fulfills many needs of the body. If sunbath is done even once a week, then there will be no need to take vitamin D tablet.

Include seafood in the diet Fatty fish and seafood are considered the best sources of vitamin D. There are many types of seafood in which vitamin D is present in varying amounts. For example, salmon fish contains only 25 percent vitamin D. Fatty fish is most commonly eaten for vitamin D and fiber. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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Egg Yolks and Mushrooms Mushrooms are the only vegetarian food item of vitamin D that contains a lot of vitamin D. Mushrooms can make their own vitamin D when exposed to UV rays. Apart from this, Agyok also contains Vitamin D. It can be used in daily breakfast.

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