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These things can become the enemy of the heart on the festival, eat it but carefully

Harmulf Food For Heart: Most of the sweets, packed food and things made of maida are consumed on the festival. These things harm your health the most. Especially heart patients should avoid the consumption of these things. Some of your eating habits and lifestyle have the biggest impact on health.

Excess salt, flour, sweet and sugar in food increases heart diseases. Consumption of these things increases the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases. That’s why you eat these things on the festival, but consume them in very limited quantity.

These things can become the enemy of the heart on the festival

Sugar- Eating too much sugar can be very harmful for the heart. White sugar i.e. refined sugar is very dangerous for the heart patient. This causes the arteries to constrict and blockage in blood flow. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases in heart patients. By eating too much sugar, the body is not able to use insulin properly, which increases the risk of diabetes. Salt- On the festival, people make full use of the packed things of the market. These things may sound delicious to eat, but eating too much salt can harm the heart. Eating too much salt leads to high blood pressure. Due to which the risk of heart failure and heart attack increases. Consuming too much salt also increases the risk of kidney failure. Maida- Maida and things made from it are also enemies of Dul. Avoid eating things made from flour in large quantities. Cholesterol level increases by eating more flour. When cholesterol increases in the body, there is an obstacle in reaching all the organs of the blood. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to reach the heart a lot. This also increases the risk of heart attack. Refined oil- Refined oil is considered very dangerous for the heart. Refined oil is used in the market and most of the homes during the festival. Eating more refined oil leads to high cholesterol and increases the risk of heart attack. Therefore, eat things made from refined oil carefully.

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