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This plant is not a wild tree, it cures 20 diseases including asthma

There are thousands of such plants around us on earth, which are used to make many medicines due to their medicinal properties. Such trees and plants have got a high status in Ayurveda. When it comes to Ayurvedic herbs, Tulsi, Giloy or Amla are often the most talked about. But there are plants that are used to make medicine in the treatment of many diseases. One such plant is Sambhaloo which is known as Chinese chaste tree. This plant and its herbs are used in Ayurveda as well as in Unani system of medicine. It is a small slender tree growing to a height of 2 to 8 meters. Its bark is thin, gray or reddish brown in color and all have medicinal properties. In Unani the leaves, seeds, roots and fresh leaves, flowers and dried fruits of this tree are used in medicines used in various diseases. Properties of the plant.

According to a report by nhp.gov, this plant has detergent (Jali), alangesic (Muskin-e-dard), anti-inflammatory (Muhallil-e-Varam), antiseptic (Daf-e-Taffun), wound healing (Mundamil- Properties such as e-quruh), carminative (kasir-e-riyah), antipyretic (daf-e-humma), mukhriz-e-deedan, anthelmintic (killer didan), aphrodisiac (muqawi-e-bah) are found.

cure for cough

The seeds of Shandlu are soaked in vinegar and used as a hot compress in case of flatulence. It cures cough and boils. It is beneficial for leprosy, asthma and rectum.

Provides relief from period pain

Powdered seeds can be eaten to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce pain. The seeds can be taken along with Sikandra to relieve the swelling of the spleen.

Gives relief in joint pain

Taking the powder of the fruit in the form of a tablet ends joint pain. The use of powdered leaves is helpful in removing fever. It also helps in reducing back pain and headache.

aids in improving eyesight

To increase eyesight, putting the juice of green leaves in the eyes can improve eyesight. To overcome the problem of hot and flatulence, you can heat its leaves and apply it on the affected area.

Makes teeth and gums strong

Gargling with a decoction of the leaves is beneficial in mouth ulcers and throat pain. Soaking the leaves in cold water overnight and gargling in the morning helps in treating toothache, gingivitis, bleeding gums, halitosis and excessive salivation.

Treats these diseases also

By using its flowers, leaves and seeds in various ways, you can get relief from serious diseases like headache, skin diseases, cold, inflammation of uterus, inflammation of ovaries and arthritis. Keep in mind that before using it, please consult an expert.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.




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