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Troubled by the problem of height, follow these 5 tips, the length will increase even after teenage


Include foods rich in vitamins and minerals in the diet, calcium and vitamin D strengthen the bones of children

Secret tips to grow taller: If the height and height of the child is not developed properly, then every parent’s worries start increasing. For this, different methods are adopted but nothing works. Then family genes are to blame. But science says that not only genes are responsible for not increasing height, but there can be many reasons for this. The climate, the surrounding environment, geography and most of all nutritional deficiencies affect the height. Therefore, if the height of children is to be increased, then it is necessary to give them the right nutrients. If you are also troubled by not increasing the height of your children, then follow the tips given here. Even if the child becomes older, then its height will definitely increase.

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tips to increase height in kids

Adopt Balance Diet- According to TOI, if children are given a balanced diet, then even after adolescence, the height can increase to some extent. Therefore, include things rich in vitamins and minerals in the diet of children. This will also not cause other types of chronic diseases. According to the report, adding fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and dairy products to children’s diet increases the height of children. Calcium and Vitamin D strengthen the bones of children. Exercise-Nowadays children pay less attention to outdoor games. Therefore, encourage children to play sports as much as possible. If the child becomes a little older and is not growing in height, do exercise under the supervision of a trained trainer. This will strengthen the bones and muscles. Even after 15 years of height, exercise can increase the height. Correct Posture- If you keep the waist and neck bent, then the length of 3 to 4 inches is reduced in the same way. If your posture is always bad then it can cause a lot of damage. This causes pain in the back and neck. That’s why it is important to have the posture right. If you work for a long time on the laptop, then put a pillow behind the chair. Always keep the waist and neck straight. Good sleep- Good sleep is also very important for the height of children. Human growth hormone is released during sleep in adolescence. This hormone is responsible for height, but this hormone is released only during sleep. Therefore adequate sleep is necessary. In such a situation, reduce screen time at night in adolescence and pay more attention to physical work during the day.

5. Supplements- Well, if you give the right diet, then all kinds of vitamins and minerals will be fulfilled, but sometimes food is not enough. Vitamin D and calcium play an important role for the height of children. Therefore, if the height of children is not increasing, then vitamin D and calcium supplements can be given to them. For this the advice of doctors will be needed.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 27, 2022, 13:45 IST



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