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Use these 3 things with eggs, weight will be reduced in a week

How To Maintain Weight With Egg Diet: Obesity is such a problem that gives rise to many diseases in the body. Due to obesity, many diseases arise in the body. Weight gain increases the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart attack. If you are troubled by obesity and eat eggs daily to lose weight, then you should know the right way to eat eggs. In fact, there are many such things which, by eating them mixed with eggs, cause rapid weight loss.

How to lose weight by eating egg? Egg is a superfood which is rich in protein, vitamins and healthy fats like omega-3. To lose weight, you must eat eggs daily for breakfast. Due to this the body gets the necessary protein. You can eat eggs in many ways. You can eat it by boiling it, making omelet, bhurji and egg curry. You will not feel hungry for a long time after eating eggs. If you want to lose weight fast, then eat these 3 things mixed in eggs.

1- Coconut oil- We all know how beneficial coconut oil is. If you are eating egg vegetable or omelet, then use coconut oil for cooking. Saturated fat is negligible in coconut oil. If you want to reduce fat then cook eggs with coconut oil only. 2- Black pepper- Some people eat omelet or egg by adding red chili, but you have to use black pepper powder instead of red chili. This will not only increase the taste, but will also make the eggs healthy and weight loss. Black pepper contains an element called piperine, which reduces belly and waist fat. 3- Capsicum- The combination of capsicum with egg looks quite fun. You should eat capsicum rich in vitamin C by putting it in eggs. This will make the taste of eggs healthy and tasty. Capsicum also helps in reducing fat.

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