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Ways to reduce bloating


Peppermint gives instant relief from the problem of gas in the stomach. Abdominal massage also provides instant relief from flatulence.

Quick ways to reduce bloating: In modern lifestyle, everyone has to go through problems like gas, acidity, flatulence, belching in the stomach. The effect of our food and drink first falls on our stomach and if there is a sedentary routine, then the work of the stomach also becomes immobile. In such a situation, problems like gas, acidity, belching, bloating in the stomach have become a common problem. Actually, when we eat food, along with it, many types of enzymes are released in the stomach which help in digesting the food. But when our body remains motionless, then these enzymes are released less or they are not able to get out. This is the reason why gas starts forming in the stomach and the stomach starts bloating.

Almost everyone has to go through this trouble during the time of festivals. The stomach starts feeling very tight after eating. Sometimes it also causes pain. There can be many reasons for flatulence. Sometimes the ability of the body to absorb fluids decreases, due to which digestion is not done properly and the complaint of constipation increases. Apart from this, eating food allergies, excessive drink, excessive sugar or salt also causes stomach bloating. However, with some easy methods, the problem of flatulence can be eliminated immediately.

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Get rid of flatulence problem like this immediately

Use peppermint – According to Medical News Today, peppermint is a home remedy like a panacea in the problem of flatulence. Peppermint gives instant relief from the problem of gas in the stomach. Piperment tablets are also available in the market. It can also be brought. The piper makes the wall of the small intestine feel relaxed, due to which the gas already formed in the stomach comes out immediately and the problem of flatulence will be relieved immediately. However, those who have a complaint of heartburn are advised not to take Piperment.

Stomach Massage- Abdominal massage also gives instant relief from the problem of flatulence. After massaging the abdomen, there is a movement in the intestines, due to which the necessary enzymes are released from the intestine. This helps in taking out the gas. However, it is important to have the right way of massaging. For this, massage should be done by placing the hands just above the right hip bone. While massaging, massage the right side of the rib by rubbing it lightly. Move the hand in this way in the upper part of the stomach directly down towards the left rib and keep massaging.

Essential Oil – The way you massage, if you do it with essential oil, then it is more effective. But here we are talking about essential oil. According to a study, if you consume agar fennel oil and curcumin oil, then the problem of flatulence is relieved immediately. Curcumin oil is extracted from turmeric. Consumption of both these oils is very beneficial in blotting. Apart from this, soda, cold drinks can further increase the problem of flatulence. So drink more water instead.

FIRST PUBLISHED : October 26, 2022, 10:00 IST

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