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What is Social Anxiety and what are its reasons, how to avoid this problem of mind. Psychologist Aruba Kabir will tell. Health Mantra

Updated : 25 Aug 2022 06:21 PM (IST)

You must have seen many people around you, who are afraid to be part of any social meeting, do not like to meet people, look for opportunities not to meet and get the work done. The name of this problem of mind is Social Anxiety. In childhood, when our mind is very innocent and some sad event, no matter how small or big, happens and we get scared, scared. Even after growing up, when this fear does not end, it takes the form of social anxiety. In the second episode of Anxiety Podcast, Aruba Kabir, a Mental Health Professional and Psychologist, tells how to free this bird of this social anxiety, how to fix this problem of the mind and move on.




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