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What is the golden hour in a heart attack? AIIMS Dr. said, know and save the life of the patient


Corona effect, haphazard lifestyle, smoking and alcohol are causing silent heart attacks. Health experts say that it is necessary for the patient to get treatment in the hospital within an hour of the heart attack. In case of cardiac arrest, giving CPR first till the patient reaches the hospital can save the life of the patient.

New Delhi. In the last few days, many such incidents have been seen when a person got a heart attack or cardiac arrest while dancing or walking and died by the time he reached the hospital. At the same time, especially in the youth, it was also seen that they suddenly had some problems or problems but became victims of heart attack if they were not taken very seriously. However, health experts concerned about these increasing incidents are telling a term about it and that is golden hour. According to health experts, if this golden hour is taken care of in the case of a heart patient, then such deaths can be prevented.

Dr. Nitish Nayak, Professor of Vascular Cardiology, Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences, tells in a conversation with News 18 Hindi that many times it happens in a heart attack that suddenly the patient dies after a heart attack. There is no time to save the patient. Many times it happens that the patient has symptoms of heart problems even before but he does not recognize them or neglects them and he does not get the treatment that he should get at that time. Which has to bear the consequences later.

The heart disease which used to happen after the age of 60 is now happening at the age of 20 and 30. Heart attack in youth is really a problem, but there are many reasons for them. A large number of diabetes and blood pressure patients have increased in India. In the runaway and busy lifestyle that the youth are living, they do not exercise. Weight gain in youth is also a problem. Food is often fast food. Diet is not healthy. Smoking means smoking. Take alcohol or alcohol.

Dr. Nitish says that Kovid is also being seen as a reason in this. It may be that corona may have also played a role in increasing heart attack because whenever someone has a viral infection, it can be helpful in increasing diseases like heart attack for months or even longer. Can’t say that Corona alone is responsible for them. This may be due to multiple factors.

What is the golden hour Dr. Nitish explains that the most important thing in the matter of heart is time. If a patient has a heart attack but does not get treatment on time, then the situation gets out of control. Not only the heart but other vital organs of the patient start getting damaged. Many times people think that there is a gas problem. They take gas medicine and they don’t get tested. People do not measure their BP and sugar unless there is any problem. Due to which the disease is not detected in time.

Along with this, if we look at the heart attack patient, then the most important thing is that if someone is having chest pain, sweating is happening. If selling is happening then he should be taken to the hospital immediately. In medical language, it is called the Golden Hour, that is, within an hour of the problem, the patient reaches the hospital and if he starts getting treatment, then nothing can happen to him. There will be no damage to the heart. On the other hand, if there is a cardiac arrest, it is necessary to take the patient to the hospital within 10 minutes because the brain becomes very important here. If the brain does not get oxygen for 10 minutes, then it can be damaged.

That’s why every minute in cardiac arrest is valuable. If the patient is unconscious, then it is necessary to give him immediate first aid, in which CPR means pressure on the chest with both hands, if he is unable to breathe, give artificial respiration and if possible give a defibrillator.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 31, 2022, 11:51 IST

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