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WHO warns about fungal infection, said – threat to the world


WHO has released a list of 19 fungal infections that are a matter of health concern to the world, cancer and TB patients are at high risk of fungal infection.

Fungal infection alert: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the risk of fungal infection is looming around the world. The WHO has said that some strains of the fungus are neutralizing drugs and are spreading rapidly. The World Health Organization has released a list of 19 fungi that are under global threat. WHO has already released a list of viruses and bacteria. The WHO said that some fungi are resistant to drugs, due to which treatment is not available. What is even more worrying are the historical shortcomings of fungal infections leading to a severe lack of information, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. WHO has asked governments and researchers to pay immediate attention in this direction.

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According to the news of Economic Times, WHO Assistant Director General Dr Hanan Balkhe has said that the way bacterial antimicrobial took the form of an epidemic, its shadow is also visible in fungal infections. Now fungal infection is becoming more incurable than before, which is a matter of concern for global health. The irony is that people who are more ill than before are at higher risk of fungal infection. Cancer and TB patients are more prone to fungal infections. Along with this, people going to the hospital due to Kovid are also more at risk of fungal infection.

World Health ConcernWHO has released a list of 19 such fungal infections which are a matter of health concern for the world. The WHO has said that at present there are only four types of treatment for fungal infections. Many new treatment methods are still in the pipeline. WHO has said that pollution has further increased fungal infections. Fungal infections are divided into three categories in the list. Critical, High and Medium. The Candida auris fungus was placed in the critical group, which is drug resistant. This group also includes Cryptococcus, Aspergillus and Candida albicans. The fungus of Mucorales species is placed in the high group. There is also a black fungus in this group, due to which mucormycosis disease caused a furore during the Kovid period. The medium group includes Coccidioides spp. and Cryptococcus geti.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 26, 2022, 20:09 IST



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