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Why is the problem of dry skin visible in children? Know the reason and 5 home remedies


Dry skin causes irritation and itching in children. Keep children hydrated, so that there is no dryness in the skin. Massage the baby’s body regularly for moisture in the skin.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin in Kids: It is very important to keep the skin of children clean and moisturized, because due to lack of moisture in the skin, there can be a problem of dry skin in children. Dry skin is not a serious problem, but due to this, along with irritability in children, the risk of allergies and many other problems in the body increases. All the problems of children’s lips becoming dry, cracking, scaly and itchy skin are considered to be the result of dry skin. Children’s skin is delicate, which needs to be taken care of properly. Dry skin can be a problem in children due to reasons like extreme weather, air condition, excessive use of heater, tight clothes, strong sunlight and dehydration, but, there are many home remedies to get relief from this problem. Know five home remedies to get relief from dry skin.

5 home remedies for dry skin problem in children

Keep children hydrated: According to MomsJunction.com, keep children hydrated to keep away from the problem of dry skin, which will not cause dryness in the skin. If the child is five to eight years old, then at least five cups of water, children of nine to twelve years of age seven cups and children above 13 years of age must have at least nine cups of water.

Massage oil: To remove dryness from the skin of children, keep massaging oil regularly, which will not cause dryness in the skin and the health of the child will also remain healthy.

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Protect from the wrath of the weather: It must be kept in mind that children have to be protected from the bad effects of both hot and cold seasons. Because the skin of children is affected even in the changing season, in such a situation take special care of children.

Take a warm bath: Use lukewarm water only for bathing and feeding your baby, as it increases water in the body and moisture in the skin, which can prove to be helpful in removing the problem of dryness in the skin.

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Do not spend time in bathing: Keeping children in water for a long time can prove to be harmful for the skin, so take at least time to bathe them and before bathing, add one to two drops of oatmeal oil in the water, so that the skin Drying can be avoided.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 31, 2022, 10:37 IST



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