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Yoga Session: These 5 Asanas Are Best To Remove The Problem Of Constipation, Weight Will Also Be Reduced


While practicing yoga, pay attention to your coming and going breath. Practice these yogasanas according to your ability.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: To be healthy, it is necessary that our stomach is clean and there is no problem of constipation. But if you are troubled by constipation, then with the help of yoga asanas, you can overcome the problem of constipation. Along with keeping your stomach clean, these exercises can also be effective in reducing weight. Not only this, you can also make your body flexible by practicing them. Today, in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi, yoga instructor Savita Yadav gave information about 5 such yoga and asanas, whose regular practice can overcome the problem of constipation.

Asanas that relieve constipation – Tadasana – Oblique Tadasana – Katichakrasana – Oblique Bhujangasana – Abdominal attraction posture

practice like this

Tadasana First of all, stand straight on the mat. Now take the hands upwards while inhaling the breath by trapping the fingers in each other. Now lift the ankles and try to make balance while standing on the toes. During this, try to stretch the body parts from the feet to the head upwards. Now count up to 10. Now exhale while bringing the hands and ankles down. Do this 10 times.

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Stand in the posture of Tadasana on the Tiryak Tadasana mat and now while bending to the left, breathe once and then stand straight. Now bend like this to the right and stand back. You can do 20 cycles like this.

While standing, make a little gap between the feet and spread both the hands on both sides. Now while inhaling, keep the left hand close to the waist and keep the right hand on the left shoulder while turning to the left. Now exhale. Now do the same on the other side. Do this for 10 cycles. To watch in detail, you can click on the video link here. Oblique Bhujangasana Lie on your stomach on your mat, open the legs on both sides of the mat. Now fold the hands and keep them near the face and keep the face on the hands. Now slowly place the hands on the ground near the shoulder, and while taking a deep breath, raise the body till the waist. Try to look at the toes of the left foot while turning the neck to the right. Lie down again and do the other side. You can watch the full video on the link.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 18, 2022, 09:06 IST



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