​1 condition placed before recording ‘Dil Ke Jharokhe…’, Mohd. Rafi won and became Shammi Kapoor’s hit song

Mumbai. If you are fond of old and fun filled songs then you must have heard many songs of Shammi Kapoor. There was a different kind of energy in the songs filmed on him. High pitched songs were kept for him in films. Most of Shammi’s songs are sung by Mohammed Rafi. Shammi always wished that only Rafi sing his songs. The bonding of both was also good. In such a situation, Shammi had put a condition in front of Rafi before recording 1 song. This song was quite a hit. Today in Song of the Week let’s talk about this song…

Shammi Kapoor was always very careful about his characters as well as the songs. They always looked into how the song would be picturized in the film, who would give the voice for the song, etc. In such a situation, his first choice was always Mohammed Rafi because his voice suited him.

‘Brahmachari’ was a special film for Shammi
The film ‘Brahmachari’ was released on 26 April 1968. Rajshree was opposite Shammi Kapoor in the film. Along with this, Mumtaz, Pran, Jagdeep etc were also in important roles in this film directed by Bhappi Soni. It was a superhit film of its time and all the songs of the film were also hits. The most popular song of the film was ‘Dil Ka Jharokhe Mein Tujhko Baithakar…’. When the recording of this song was taking place, Shammi Kapoor also reached the studio.

‘Badan Pe Sitare…’ Shammi Kapoor’s song is still a hit, 5 people made it special, Hasrat Jaipuri was sitting in the night club and…

Put a condition in front of Rafi…
The song ‘Dil Ka Jharokhe Mein Tujhko Baithakar…’ was very difficult and the breath control was a very important role in it. Regarding the song, Shammi Kapoor put a condition in front of Rafi Sahab and said, ‘If you sing the mukhda and antara of this song in one breath, then your praise will go a long way.’ Rafi just smiled at Shammi’s talk. When the recording of the song started, Rafi Sahab surprised everyone. Rafi Sahab recorded the entire song in one breath in just 1 take.

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As soon as Rafi sahab finished the song, Shammi ran to him and hugged him. He said, ‘There is no one like you.’ On this Rafi said, ‘Don’t impose such conditions, otherwise who will sing your songs?’

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