2 legend actors vowed never to work together, Subhash Ghai took the risk after 30 years, the film became a superhit

New Delhi: There have been many such actors in the acting world who are known for their personality. Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor, who are known as Tragedy King in Hindi cinema, are also one of such stars. Both had worked together in the film Paigam at one time. But during this film, there was a estrangement between Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar. The matter had escalated so much that both of them had vowed never to work together again. Years later, when both appeared in another film, the film proved to be a blockbuster. Let’s know about an anecdote related to that film.

In the year 1991, Subhash Ghai brought a film called ‘Saudagar’. Vivek Mushran made his Bollywood debut with this film and became an overnight star from the very first film. Taking a big risk in this film, Subhash Ghai cast two such people who had promised to work together years ago. They were Dilip Kumar and Rajkumar. People explained a lot to Subhash Ghai that he should not take this risk, but where was Subhash to agree? In this film, she was also in the lead role of 90’s top actress Manisha Koirala.

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Appeared in the same film after 32 years
Both Dilip Kumar and Rajkumar started working together through the film ‘Saudagar’. But in this film, both the veterans had won the hearts of the fans with their respective acting style and tremendous style. The luck of the lead star of this film also shone with this film. The story, characters and songs of the film also rocked. The film earned a lot of fame. But it was not an easy task for Subhash Ghai to cast both of them in Saudagar. People had forbidden him to make this film that it was not right to make a film about these two. The reason was the old enmity between the two.

Rajkumar was shocked to see Dilip Kumar on the set
It was only after reaching the set that Raj Kumar came to know that Dilip Kumar’s character is in the tone of UP and Bihari. Raj Kumar did not like this at all, he got angry because he had to speak normal Hindi. They had no idea about this. He got angry as to what his character was and directly told Subhash Ghai that he would not work in this film. It took Subhash Ghai two whole hours to persuade Raj Kumar. Ghai told that Raj Kumar’s character in the film is rich and Dilip Kumar’s character is poor. Later, only after hearing this, Rajkumar agreed to work in this film.

Subhash Ghai had created history
On the other hand, Subhash Ghai did not have to do much to persuade Dilip Kumar to work in this film. Because Dilip and Subhash Ghai had worked together in films like Vidhata and Kranti. But for Raj Kumar, he had to roll a lot of papads. It is said that when the script of this film was being narrated to Raj Kumar, he had asked who is the other hero with me in the film. Surprised, Ghai said, Dilip Kumar is there, he will do it. Then Raj Kumar raised the jam in his hand and said- Dear, if we consider anyone after ourselves as an actor in India, then we consider Dilip Kumar.

Let us tell you that even though the beginning of this film was a rift between these two giants. But while working together, the friendship between the two also started growing. It would not be wrong to say that only through this film of Subhash Ghai, the old enmity of these two veterans had also turned into friendship.

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