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32 Years of Aashiqui: Rahul Roy-Anu Agarwal turned anonymous in 32 years, ‘Aashiqui’ lasted 6 months housefull

32 Years of Aashiqui: The film ‘Aashiqui’ does not forget the people of the 90s even today. Be it the songs of the film that cools the hearts of all lovers or the romantic pairing of Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal, every aspect of this film has been beautifully portrayed by veteran director Mahesh Bhatt. But it was engraved that many viewers had watched many shows of the film simultaneously. Rahul Roy, who became a star overnight from the first film, was also no less than a charisma to get the offer of this film. Let us tell an interesting anecdote related to the completion of 32 years of the film.

When Gulshan Kumar was the producer of the film ‘Aashiqui’ released on 17 August 1990 and Mahesh Bhatt was the director. Both had played bets on newcomers Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal. But the bet proved right, as soon as this musical film became a hit, Rahul got the title of romantic hero and lover boy. Even in dreams, no one would have thought that a modeling boy would become a superstar from his first film.

Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal became stars overnight with ‘Aashiqui’. (photo credit: film poster)

Rahul Roy got the film like this
Actually, Rahul Roy’s mother Indira Roy used to write a column and she was friends with Mahesh Bhatt. One day Mahesh reached to meet Indira and was talking about some issue, when Mahesh’s eyes fell on the picture of Indira’s son Rohul hanging on the wall. Mahesh Bhatt got up and went close to the photo and on seeing it decided that this boy would be the hero of his next film. At that time, Rohul used to do modeling. Mahesh made a film with Rahul with a new girl Anu Agarwal, ‘Aashiqui’, the fame of this film is such that even today Rahul and Anu are remembered.

‘Aashiqui’ was 6 months housefull
Seeing the bumper success of this film, everyone was convinced that Bollywood got the next superhit pair in the form of Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal. The innocence of Rahul-Anu in this film was beautifully enchanted by Mahesh Bhatt on the silver screen through music that the viewers were mesmerized. The record-breaking success of this film could be gauged from the fact that ‘Aashiqui’ was housefull for 6 months.

mahesh bhatt rahul roy

Rahul Roy’s mentor Mahesh Bhatt. (Photo Credits: officialrahulroy/Instagram )

Rahul-Anu could not repeat the success of ‘Aashiqui’
Rahul Roy could not repeat the ‘Aashiqui’ charisma in his entire life. After Aashiqui, about 25 films which were flops, Rahul did not get work for several months. It is said that after a long time, Rahul got offers from not one or two but 60 films. Rahul signed about 47 films instantly. In this affair, he signed many such films which proved to be a flop in his career after being badly beaten at the box office. After ‘Aashiqui’, films like ‘Phir Teri Yaad Ai’, ‘Jaanam’, ‘Sapne Saajan Ke’, Junoon did not get success, so made a distance from the industry. Not only Rahul Roy but also Anu Aggarwal could not regain the success of the first film and both the stars were lost in oblivion.

Every song of ‘Aashiqui’ is heart touching
The Nadeem-Shravan pair also became a superhit due to the tremendous success of Gulshan Kumar’s superb music of this film. Every song of the film ‘Aashiqui’, decorated with the music of Nadeem-Shravan, is heart-touching. Due to the luscious music, this film won all the four Filmfare Awards in the music category. From Best Music to Best Playback Singer Male and Female, besides Best Lyricist Award was awarded.

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